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Tips on How to Maximise Your Hotel Stay

29 May

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Hotels are full of fond memories, soulful celebrations, and uplifting vacations. Hotel rooms have become an oasis of peace. In fairness, staying at a good hotel is not cheap. How do you get the full value of what you pay for, you ask?

Use discounts and rewards

With so many hotels competing in the market, guests are left with options that are either worthy or worthier. Today, hotels are more than just accommodations. They provide access to in-house spa, unparalleled wellness centres, well-rounded dining experience, and more. To reel in valued customers even more, hotels liaise with banks and travel websites in giving various discounts and unique offerings. This collaboration make hotel stays more cost-effective to guests who could use a little time off. Apart from the discounted bookings online, you can also find great rewards when you use most credit cards. Incentives are also offered to frequent clients for their loyalty and continued patronage.

Know your hotel’s offerings

Knowing what your hotel offers for free and otherwise is helpful in many ways. Some breakfasts come as complementary to your booking, a great opportunity to save. Many top-tiered hotels also offer preferential bookings to famous concerts and sought-after events if you book tickets through them. This service will come in very handy for shows that are difficult to book. A lot of hotel rooms today come with a hairdryer, and knowing this can mean one item off of your checked baggage. Hotels invest in making your experience unique and memorable. If your hotel has a whirlpool bath, this can offer a lot of relaxation while curbing your spa needs. Positive experiences borne from superior service like this tend to inspire your setup at home. You might even want to buy one for your house in future. Making sure you give hotel amenities a try can give you a lot of convenience and inspiration.

Express your concerns

Even with the highest standards, mishaps still occur.If you’re experiencing an imperfect lodging, most hotels will be delighted to make it up to you. If the next-door guest is behaving louder than your tolerance can accommodate, just let the staff know. They can offer a range of solutions such as allowing you to transfer to another room, or upgrading you free of charge to a better suite. The core of what they do is to provide a positively memorable lodging experience, and hotels are committed to giving you your dream vacation.

Be cordial to staff

There are countless stories about customers and guests treating staff poorly. Although every customer has the right to speak up about below par servicing, communicating this gap nicely wouldn’t hurt. If you want excellent service and know that you’ll have requests in the future, treating staff the same way you’d want to be treated is both fair and advantageous.

Hotels and other lodging options are committed to treating their customers well. If you’re aiming for the most pleasant hotel experience, being a good customer goes a long way. This entails doing enough research so that you may know what your hotel does and does not offer. This will contribute to managing your expectations and having the most pleasant stay.

Exclusivity Abroad: 6 Locations To Explore

29 Aug

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There’s nothing better than discovering a secret spot when on vacation. The good news is that there’s absolutely no reason to not benefit from exclusivity across a range of destinations. From private beach retreats to stunning city breaks, there’s a vast number of locations you can visit and enjoy an exceptional getaway. Below are six intimate places to explore for the ultimate exclusive vacation.

  1. Con Dao Islands, Vietnam

This breathtaking island is truly what travel dream are made of. The group of islands off the Southeast coast of Vietnam offers a tranquil oasis, with beautiful beaches to explore and tropical forests. Those who visit the destination can still enjoy fully-fledged Vietnamese food and culture while soaking in the serene atmosphere, clear azure waters, and local culture.

  1. Jaffna, north Sri Lanka

CFJGBB Nainativu Nagapooshani Amman Hindu temple.

The ancient city located on the Northern tip of Sri Lanka has much to offer those interested in local history and more. The lesser-known city of Jaffna is a great stop off when visiting the country. Boasting stunning architecture including rainbow-colored temples and spectacular coastline, this destination brings together the best of city and beach life. Be sure to enjoy the remarkable local delicacies, including vibrant curries and see the magnificent wild peacocks in their full splendor.

  1. Omodos Village, Cyprus

Stunning Greek isles are recommended highly throughout many travel guides, including Mr Hudson Explores for good reason. The charming village of Omodos is located on the historic island of Cyprus and is a perfect location for both history and wine lovers. Situated in the Troodos mountains, visitors can enjoy uninterrupted vistas of the remarkable surrounding landscape and explore the independent shops without forgetting to taste the local range of wines produced right here.

  1. Matera in the Basilicata region of Italy

A beautiful village located in the province of Basilicata, Matera has endless highlights to offer any passing visitor. As the world’s third-longest inhabited human settlement, tourists can enjoy the historical gems on offer here. From its natural caves situated in the characteristic tufa which transport any dweller back to the ancient Holy land to the incredible Meditteranean food and drink to devour, there’s something for everyone here.

  1. El Nido Pangulasian Island, Philippines

Idyllically situated in Bacuit Bay, the Pangulasian Island in the Philippines is what exclusive holiday dreams are made of. Boasting an array of luxury eco-resorts, tourists will be spoiled with neverending views of the stunning surrounding landscape. Here there are perfect diving waters with real conservation actions in place to protect species such as the native sea turtles that reside here.

  1. Yaxchilan, the ancient Mayan city in the state of Chiapas, Mexico

The ancient Mayan city is located on the bank of the Usumacinta River and isn’t as well known as the other ruins that Mexico is home to. A sight to visit rather than a holiday destination, there are more than 120 structures that make up the three complexes which date back to c. 300–810 CE when the city once flourished with civilization. Surrounded by lush green trees, the remains of the settlement are one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets.

How To Have A More Enjoyable Vacation

23 May

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Going away on vacation is supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable time for you. However, it can also be a bit stressful and overwhelming to plan and prepare for.

The upside is that there are ways to have a more enjoyable vacation, so you can return home feeling satisfied with your getaway. The amount of fun and enjoyment you have is ultimately in your hands, so be proactive and take control early on in the process of getting ready for your trip.

Put the following advice to use, and you’ll be sure to have a wonderful experience that you’ll be able to cherish and look back on with pleasure for the rest of your life.

Determine Your Purpose

You can have a more enjoyable vacation by first determining the purpose of your trip. For instance, decide if you want to go alone and use this as a time for quiet reflection or if you prefer to make it a family excursion and spend quality time together with your loved ones. In addition, maybe you’re in need of a guys or girls weekend away and want to hang out with your friends instead. Also, think about if you want to lay by the pool or beach or if you’re up for more of an adventure and want to be on the go each day.


Budget Accordingly

Have a more enjoyable vacation when you budget your finances accordingly and have money to spend on and during your trip. For example, if you’re between jobs right now and could truly use a trip away, then consider looking into and applying for loans for unemployed. Write your vacation into your request and see if you can get approved for it so you feel more comfortable taking the time to go on this trip. Keep in mind you’ll also need spending money for while you’re on site for food and other miscellaneous expenses.

Pack Light & Appropriately

In addition, it’s a wise idea to go through your closet early on and determine what clothes you have to bring with you or items you need to buy yet. Look up the weather forecast for your destination ahead of time so you can pack the most appropriate attire for the conditions. It’s also in your best interest to pack light and only bring with you what you’ll actually wear and need. It’ll be easier to carry your luggage and get around this way as well.

Get Plenty of Rest & Sleep

Your trip is going to be that much more fun and enjoyable when you’re good about keeping on a bedtime schedule both before and during your vacation. Being tired and having to drag yourself around each day will become exhausting and you won’t have as good of a time away.

Try to stick to your normal sleep schedule even though you’re on vacation if you want to feel your best each morning. Also, consider taking naps when you’re able to on your trip so that you can recharge and feel re-energized throughout the day.

Avoid staying up late, drinking too much, and eating poorly if you want to be able to fall asleep quicker and get better rest on your vacation.

Treat Yourself

Vacations are made for reducing stress and taking a break from your normal routine and activities. It’s important to treat yourself on your vacation if you want to have a more enjoyable time. Think about scheduling a spa day and getting a massage or indulging in a fancy dinner you normally wouldn’t allow yourself to do at home. This is your chance to completely check out for a little while and to decompress your mind and slow your thoughts while you allow others to cater to your needs.

Plan Activities

Another way to have a much more enjoyable vacation is to plan out activities you want to do in advance. While sitting around sounds inviting for a few days, you may soon become bored and have the urge to be active. Check out in advance what excursions or attractions are nearby and that you might want to see and do. Be sure to call ahead and make your reservations early so there’s a spot for you and whoever you’re traveling with when you arrive.

Work Ahead

It may sound like a good idea to work on vacation but it’s likely you’re not going to want to do so once you arrive at your destination. Instead, do your best to work ahead in the office and get done what’s most pressing before you depart. Also, ask if there’s someone on your team who can cover and take messages for you while you’re gone. Pick a time each morning when you’ll check your email and voicemails and then spend the rest of the day soaking up the sunshine and enjoying your time off.

Unplug from Technology

Although technology is interesting and exciting, it can also steal away the present moment from you. Therefore, you might want to consider unplugging from technology if you want to have a more enjoyable vacation. Take a few pictures here and there so you have these memories to take home with you but then try your best to limit your time spent on your electronics overall. You’ll likely find this a lot more peaceful and joyful of an experience when you’re fully present and aware of your surroundings. If you’re with others, they’ll also appreciate you limiting your time on technology and engaging in interesting conversations with you instead.


Your vacation is going to be that much better when you put these tips into action. All your efforts will pay off and you’ll find your trip to be that much more pleasant of an experience for you. You’ll come home feeling like you actually had a break instead of with regrets and feeling like you need another vacation. Most importantly, grant yourself the permission to relax and enjoy your trip without worrying about what responsibilities may be waiting for you when you get back home.


The Ultimate Spa Relaxation Treatments

What can be better than a few days away from the city jungle?

Stress, too many hours spent working at a desk job or having to run after your kids day after day can take a toll on you, this is why you should invest in your long-term health and well-being.

You deserve it! But going to the spa is no longer about massages, facials and hair masks, they are so many options you can choose from, it gets confusing!

Not to mention that depending on your skin type, concerns and problem areas some spa treatments are better than others for skin rejuvenation.For example, you wouldn’t use the same creams and body wraps on somebody with a sensitive skin.

Or what massages you should pick from if you aren’t comfortable with being nude or if you have certain health conditions?

If you want to make the best out of your next visit (or first) visit at the spa, feel free to check my list of absolute favorites spa treatments.

1.Acupressure Massage

Acupressure has all of the benefits of acupuncture but without the needles, which makes this massage technique relaxing and suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women as well.

This type of massage works on the same principles like acupuncture and involves putting pressure on certain points.

Each point stimulates an organ and the points are placed on meridians that carry energy through the body, according to ancient Chinese medicine, the energy (qi) can get blocked on its way and lead to diseases and discomfort.

Western specialists may not believe in the meridians theory but are shown that stimulating certain body points does have positive effects, it relaxes the muscle, relieves anxiety and stimulates the endorphin production.


2.Thai Massage

You can have this type of massage fully clothed and unlike most massages, it involves a combination of rocking and stretching which can be extremely relaxing for your joints.

The Thai massage is a relatively new discovery in the Western world, but it’s been practiced by Buddhist monks for thousands of years.

You will be placed on the floor and your own body will be used for this type of massages including your thumbs, palms, knees, feet, etc.Or you can ask for a customized massage if you have a certain area you want to target.

The Thai massage is truly relaxing and it’s perfect if you don’t like the idea of having oils on your skin or not being fully clothed.  In Kelowna For the best Massage check out

Okanagans Best Kept Secret Erotic Massage and Body Rubs
583 Leathead Rd.
Kelowna, BC V1X2J5
Phone: (778) 760-1321


You’ve probably heard about the healing powers of essential oils.

Aromatherapy does just that, it taps into the power of essential oils and other plant compounds as part of a complementary treatment.

Essential oils have a long history and they have been used in alternative treatments for a wide range of conditions, from degenerative diseases to hormonal imbalances.

But among the many properties of essential oils, some of them have anxiety-reducing effects and they can immediately calm you down and release the tension in your body.

Lavender oil is a top pick in spas when it comes stress relief.

The essential oils are applied to a massage technique that helps the oils penetrate your skin and leave a lovely scent behind.

In some aromatherapy session, a combination of oils is used to acquire a deep relaxation state.


4.Floatation therapy

If you ever had issues focusing or staying calm in the certain situation, your mind might be needing a break from all the stimuli around you.

We are bombarded with information and we are constantly stimulated, in time this affects our thought processes, the flotation therapy is counter-interact those effects.

This approach to stress relief and relaxation involves you getting in a state where you get as little stimuli as possible, you basically giving your mind and body a break that is achieved by floating in a floating pod with no light, no sounds getting through and floating in the extremely salty water.

The salty water will help your body float and give you the sensation that there is no gravity around you.One of the biggest benefits of floatation therapy is that you will give your body the opportunity to float with no effort whatsoever and free yourself from all stimuli, some compare this experience to going back to your mother’s womb.


5.Manicure treatments

From preventing hangnails to improving the circulation in your hands, manicure treatments are a treat when you have a lot going on in your life.

Having a spa manicure is not only about making your nails looking pretty, it also about pampering your skin and making it look younger and fresher.

Hot oil massages for hands are recommended to women suffering from arthritis and diabetes because they improve the blood flow and lymph circulation.

They are many treatments you can choose from along with a pretty manicure, from paraffin masks for dry skin to exfoliating masks that remove dead skin.

All this while closing your eyes, listening to some music and relax.

For the Best Skin care treatments in Kelowna Contact:

Facials By Minna
720 McClure Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 1M3


(250) 764-8761

Your Top 5 Photography Spots Around the Okanagan

4 Nov

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Your Top 5 Photography Spots Around the Okanagan

BC’s Okanagan region is as scenic as they come, with sparkling lakes and sandy beaches, forested mountains, and even barren desserts. Sprawling vineyards and lush orchards dot the fertile landscape. It’s almost more difficult in this beautiful area to take a bad picture than a good one, but anyone looking for an exceptional vantage point should read on.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

We asked our Facebook fans to recommend their favourite photography spots around the Okanagan, and the following are their top five suggestions:

5. Knox Mountain, Kelowna

Knox Mountain lookout

In the number five spot is Kelowna‘s Knox Mountain Park, located just north of the city’s downtown core. The park’s 310 hectares (766 acres) includes a long stretch of Okanagan Lake shoreline, a network of designated hiking and biking trails, and an unforgettable view from the summit of Knox Mountain, elevation 646 m (2119 ft). Several ecosystems are represented within the park, and a number of endangered plants and animals can be seen here.

4. Carmi/Ellis Creek area, Penticton

A fall day along Ellis Creek Trail near Penticton. Photo: @christopherrobin93 via Instagram

Coming in at number four is the Carmi/Ellis Creek area east of Penticton, home to trails popular with hikers, mountain bikers and, in winter, cross-country skiiers. This area was affected by a massive forest fire in 1994, and visitors can now see evidence of both the devastation, and of the new life that has emerged since. Daytime views toward the city and the lakes are pretty spectacular, and at night the starry skies make for some amazing captures.

3. Mara Lake, Sicamous

Looking over the town of Sicamous, Shuswap Lake, and Mara Lake. Photo: @stevengienphotography via Instagram

Number three on the list is scenic Mara Lake, south of Sicamous. The lake is popular for swimming, fishing and boating, and the surrounding beach and park areas are a great place for a picnic. Mara Lake Provincial Park offers day-use facilities, where you can relax and take in the lovely views. Our Facebook fans have taken some great shots by the lake, including some spectacular sunsets.

2. Munson Mountain, Penticton

Taking in the lightning storm from Munson Mountain near Penticton. Photo: @preservedlight via Instagram

Just east of Penticton is our fans’ number two location, Munson Mountain, home of the iconic P-E-N-T-I-C-T-O-N sign that announces your arrival. The hike to the top of Munson Mountain is a local favourite, known for its stunning views and impressive photo ops. Enjoy a picnic lunch at a lookout point along the trail, or strike out early to catch the morning light, then treat yourself to a winery lunch after your descent.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

1. Naramata

The Northern lights lighting up the sky over the vineyards of the Naramata Bench. Photo: @preservedlight via Instagram

And our fans’ favourite spot to capture unsurpassed images of this gorgeous region is in Naramata, along the southeast shore of Okanagan Lake. The view overlooking the lake from up on the Naramata Bench, home to some of BC’s best wineries, is not to be missed. And you can’t leave without stopping by at least a handful of the area’s tasting rooms. Fantastic vantage points are also found down along Naramata’s beaches. You may never want to leave!

Contributed by: www.Kelownabb.com

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