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How To Have A More Enjoyable Vacation

23 May

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Going away on vacation is supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable time for you. However, it can also be a bit stressful and overwhelming to plan and prepare for.

The upside is that there are ways to have a more enjoyable vacation, so you can return home feeling satisfied with your getaway. The amount of fun and enjoyment you have is ultimately in your hands, so be proactive and take control early on in the process of getting ready for your trip.

Put the following advice to use, and you’ll be sure to have a wonderful experience that you’ll be able to cherish and look back on with pleasure for the rest of your life.

Determine Your Purpose

You can have a more enjoyable vacation by first determining the purpose of your trip. For instance, decide if you want to go alone and use this as a time for quiet reflection or if you prefer to make it a family excursion and spend quality time together with your loved ones. In addition, maybe you’re in need of a guys or girls weekend away and want to hang out with your friends instead. Also, think about if you want to lay by the pool or beach or if you’re up for more of an adventure and want to be on the go each day.


Budget Accordingly

Have a more enjoyable vacation when you budget your finances accordingly and have money to spend on and during your trip. For example, if you’re between jobs right now and could truly use a trip away, then consider looking into and applying for loans for unemployed. Write your vacation into your request and see if you can get approved for it so you feel more comfortable taking the time to go on this trip. Keep in mind you’ll also need spending money for while you’re on site for food and other miscellaneous expenses.

Pack Light & Appropriately

In addition, it’s a wise idea to go through your closet early on and determine what clothes you have to bring with you or items you need to buy yet. Look up the weather forecast for your destination ahead of time so you can pack the most appropriate attire for the conditions. It’s also in your best interest to pack light and only bring with you what you’ll actually wear and need. It’ll be easier to carry your luggage and get around this way as well.

Get Plenty of Rest & Sleep

Your trip is going to be that much more fun and enjoyable when you’re good about keeping on a bedtime schedule both before and during your vacation. Being tired and having to drag yourself around each day will become exhausting and you won’t have as good of a time away.

Try to stick to your normal sleep schedule even though you’re on vacation if you want to feel your best each morning. Also, consider taking naps when you’re able to on your trip so that you can recharge and feel re-energized throughout the day.

Avoid staying up late, drinking too much, and eating poorly if you want to be able to fall asleep quicker and get better rest on your vacation.

Treat Yourself

Vacations are made for reducing stress and taking a break from your normal routine and activities. It’s important to treat yourself on your vacation if you want to have a more enjoyable time. Think about scheduling a spa day and getting a massage or indulging in a fancy dinner you normally wouldn’t allow yourself to do at home. This is your chance to completely check out for a little while and to decompress your mind and slow your thoughts while you allow others to cater to your needs.

Plan Activities

Another way to have a much more enjoyable vacation is to plan out activities you want to do in advance. While sitting around sounds inviting for a few days, you may soon become bored and have the urge to be active. Check out in advance what excursions or attractions are nearby and that you might want to see and do. Be sure to call ahead and make your reservations early so there’s a spot for you and whoever you’re traveling with when you arrive.

Work Ahead

It may sound like a good idea to work on vacation but it’s likely you’re not going to want to do so once you arrive at your destination. Instead, do your best to work ahead in the office and get done what’s most pressing before you depart. Also, ask if there’s someone on your team who can cover and take messages for you while you’re gone. Pick a time each morning when you’ll check your email and voicemails and then spend the rest of the day soaking up the sunshine and enjoying your time off.

Unplug from Technology

Although technology is interesting and exciting, it can also steal away the present moment from you. Therefore, you might want to consider unplugging from technology if you want to have a more enjoyable vacation. Take a few pictures here and there so you have these memories to take home with you but then try your best to limit your time spent on your electronics overall. You’ll likely find this a lot more peaceful and joyful of an experience when you’re fully present and aware of your surroundings. If you’re with others, they’ll also appreciate you limiting your time on technology and engaging in interesting conversations with you instead.


Your vacation is going to be that much better when you put these tips into action. All your efforts will pay off and you’ll find your trip to be that much more pleasant of an experience for you. You’ll come home feeling like you actually had a break instead of with regrets and feeling like you need another vacation. Most importantly, grant yourself the permission to relax and enjoy your trip without worrying about what responsibilities may be waiting for you when you get back home.


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