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The Ultimate Spa Relaxation Treatments

What can be better than a few days away from the city jungle?

Stress, too many hours spent working at a desk job or having to run after your kids day after day can take a toll on you, this is why you should invest in your long-term health and well-being.

You deserve it! But going to the spa is no longer about massages, facials and hair masks, they are so many options you can choose from, it gets confusing!

Not to mention that depending on your skin type, concerns and problem areas some spa treatments are better than others for skin rejuvenation.For example, you wouldn’t use the same creams and body wraps on somebody with a sensitive skin.

Or what massages you should pick from if you aren’t comfortable with being nude or if you have certain health conditions?

If you want to make the best out of your next visit (or first) visit at the spa, feel free to check my list of absolute favorites spa treatments.

1.Acupressure Massage

Acupressure has all of the benefits of acupuncture but without the needles, which makes this massage technique relaxing and suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women as well.

This type of massage works on the same principles like acupuncture and involves putting pressure on certain points.

Each point stimulates an organ and the points are placed on meridians that carry energy through the body, according to ancient Chinese medicine, the energy (qi) can get blocked on its way and lead to diseases and discomfort.

Western specialists may not believe in the meridians theory but are shown that stimulating certain body points does have positive effects, it relaxes the muscle, relieves anxiety and stimulates the endorphin production.


2.Thai Massage

You can have this type of massage fully clothed and unlike most massages, it involves a combination of rocking and stretching which can be extremely relaxing for your joints.

The Thai massage is a relatively new discovery in the Western world, but it’s been practiced by Buddhist monks for thousands of years.

You will be placed on the floor and your own body will be used for this type of massages including your thumbs, palms, knees, feet, etc.Or you can ask for a customized massage if you have a certain area you want to target.

The Thai massage is truly relaxing and it’s perfect if you don’t like the idea of having oils on your skin or not being fully clothed.  In Kelowna For the best Massage check out

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You’ve probably heard about the healing powers of essential oils.

Aromatherapy does just that, it taps into the power of essential oils and other plant compounds as part of a complementary treatment.

Essential oils have a long history and they have been used in alternative treatments for a wide range of conditions, from degenerative diseases to hormonal imbalances.

But among the many properties of essential oils, some of them have anxiety-reducing effects and they can immediately calm you down and release the tension in your body.

Lavender oil is a top pick in spas when it comes stress relief.

The essential oils are applied to a massage technique that helps the oils penetrate your skin and leave a lovely scent behind.

In some aromatherapy session, a combination of oils is used to acquire a deep relaxation state.


4.Floatation therapy

If you ever had issues focusing or staying calm in the certain situation, your mind might be needing a break from all the stimuli around you.

We are bombarded with information and we are constantly stimulated, in time this affects our thought processes, the flotation therapy is counter-interact those effects.

This approach to stress relief and relaxation involves you getting in a state where you get as little stimuli as possible, you basically giving your mind and body a break that is achieved by floating in a floating pod with no light, no sounds getting through and floating in the extremely salty water.

The salty water will help your body float and give you the sensation that there is no gravity around you.One of the biggest benefits of floatation therapy is that you will give your body the opportunity to float with no effort whatsoever and free yourself from all stimuli, some compare this experience to going back to your mother’s womb.


5.Manicure treatments

From preventing hangnails to improving the circulation in your hands, manicure treatments are a treat when you have a lot going on in your life.

Having a spa manicure is not only about making your nails looking pretty, it also about pampering your skin and making it look younger and fresher.

Hot oil massages for hands are recommended to women suffering from arthritis and diabetes because they improve the blood flow and lymph circulation.

They are many treatments you can choose from along with a pretty manicure, from paraffin masks for dry skin to exfoliating masks that remove dead skin.

All this while closing your eyes, listening to some music and relax.

For the Best Skin care treatments in Kelowna Contact:

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